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London Music Radio




LMR started life around 1974, broadcasting on 235m. At the end of that year the station experimented with night-time broadcasts on 385m using a long wire aerial supported by a balloon. These transmissions were successful and it was decided to make a permanent move to 385. Long broadcasts continued on bank holidays throughout 1975, though the balloon was replaced with a more traditional inverted L. With the demise of Radio Kaleidoscope in February 1986, it was decided to commence regular Sunday broadcasts, and the station expanded to become a new rival for Radio Jackie.

The LMR crew around 1977 - Front row: Bob Edwards, Tony Lloyd, Mark Ellis, Rob Lancing who sadly died in January 2008, Ray Lord, Cliff Osbourne - Back row: Richard Thompson, Bionic Bill and Terry Dean

Broadcasts tended to be from South London, and were field based with small 807 valve transmitters powered by car batteries.

LMR suffered many raids, but continued broadcasting until mid 1977.

In 1981 the name was resurrected by a young electronics enthusiast, Chris Miles. The new station broadcast every Saturday night on 94.4MHz. Very much inspired by the early days of Thameside Radio, it played alternative and commercial rock music and put out a good signal throughout London. Chris' engineering talents meant that the station progressed technically, and was soon broadcasting live every week via a band III link. LMR was raided many times, but would always return the following week. Broadcasts continued until 1983.


The Radio Eric archive holds the following recording(s) of these stations:

29MB 62:42 Mark Ellis with a programme from Christmas Day 1974


59:05 an hour from the New Year's day broadcast 1976


29:16 Cliff Osbourne with part of a Christmas Day broadcast on the original LMR in 1976. Recorded off FM


29:44 Richard Thompson before he went to Radio Caroline. Recorded 12th June 1977


61:47 Part 1 0f 2 - Not the original station of that name, but a Thameside inspired station of the early eighties. With Chris Miles from the 24th April 1982 


61:26 Part 2 of 2 - continuation of the above broadcast
  96:42 Chris Miles and Ricky Stephens on the second station to bear this name. May 1982



If you have any recordings or photographs of this station you can share please get in touch


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