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Trans-London Radio




The stations in South East London (RFL, Telstar South etc.) would get together to do occasional bank holiday broadcasts . A great deal of alcohol was consumed during these broadcasts.

The Radio Eric archive holds the following recording(s) of this station:




Tony Randall with a live show on August Bank Holiday (1430-1530) 25th August 1975 - see note [1] below



Chris Trent continues the above broadcast (1530-1630) 25th August 1975 - see note [1] below



Alan Ford, Michael Martin & Kid Johnson on a Bank Holiday broadcast



[1] - Andy Walker remembers this broadcast:

I was taking the phone calls at Westgate Road that morning for North Surrey Radio who were another BH broadcaster
at the time. I guess I was there about two hours when the motley crew of Alan Ford, Charlie B, Chris Trent, Kenny Myers & Tony Randall came through the front door with a disco unit, a box of wires etc, a box of records and a medium wave transmitter.

Instinct told me that an illegal transmission was about to take place and this was confirmed when I asked. (stupid bloody question really !!)

It had only been two months since I was "nicked" at Beddington shit farm and a couple of weeks since Eric Gotts and Brian Holder had paid a visit to my home unannounced (it's called cold calling these day's) to question me about breaking the wireless telegraphy act of 1949.

I watched with interest as these "radio ruffians" put the station together when a call came through from the guys on site at NSR. I told them what was happening and I decided that I was going to "naff-off a bit lively" when it came
on the air. (I wasn't very brave in them day's !)

Hence.........I got home and made these recordings.

If you have any recordings or photographs of this station you can share please get in touch


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