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Surrey Sounds




Surrey Sounds started broadcasting in September 1982 to N Surrey on Saturday afternoons. Amongst the team were several people who had previously been involved in DDP Radio which had broadcast to the same area from 1980 to early '82. The original 10w DDP transmitter was used for the new station, however it was boosted to 60w using a new amplifier. A stereo coder was also added.

A 'slim jim' aerial was permanently installed at the top of a tree near to Epsom Racecourse. From there Surrey Sounds put out a signal which not only covered the intended N Surrey area, but the site was high up at the edge of the London Basin, and consequently the signal could be heard throughout most of London.

The DJs included Rob James, Steve Day, Roger Hall and Martin Hill who all pre-recorded their programmes prior to the broadcast.


Rob James recoding a show in the Surrey Sounds Studio

After several months of successful broadcasts the station was raided in March 1983, and put off the air permanently. Steve Day managed to escape, but Rob James and Martin Hill were both prosecuted under the 1949 Wireless Telegraphy Act.

The team continued to run the Surrey Sounds roadshow - a mobile disco - until 1992.

More on this station can be found at www.surrey-sounds.co.uk

The Radio Eric archive holds the following recording(s) of this station:



47:18 Rock with Roger Hall from 23rd October 1982


93:27 Martin Hill & Rob James with a New Years Day broadcast from 1983



Part 1 of 2 - Rob James kicks off the broadcast on 5th February 1983



Part 2 of 2 - Martin Hill continues the above broadcast


38:39 Steve Day with a show on the final broadcast from Surrey Sounds. The recording ends with the transmitter being turned off by Home Office Officials



If you have any recordings or photographs of this station you can share please get in touch



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