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Skyport Radio



Skyport Radio started broadcasting in the 41m band in 1971 from SW London. The name Skyport was chosen due to the station's proximity to Heathrow airport. The studio was actually in a garden shed under the flightpath in Feltham! Early in 1973 the station moved to the 48m pirate band (adjacent to the 49m broadcast band). Skyport had close links with Radio Corsair which also broadcast on Shortwave.

Terry Anderson in the Skyport garden shed studio.

The Skyport DJs included Rob Holland, Bob Earl, Mark King, Paul Richards and they introduced the listening public to a certain Terry Anderson. All the team had strong interests in music, and the station featured a great deal of Punk and Heavy Metal music at a time when they received little attention by legitimate radio. As early as 1971 Skyport aired the first programme of Hindi film music ever broadcast in Britain.

Special broadcasts were also made on the 25 and 31m bands.

Inevitably the presenters became frustrated by the lack of fidelity on SW and the fact that the listeners seemed more interested in QSL cards than they were in the programming. After obtaining an FM transmitter in 1977 the team started broadcasting to west London on VHF under the name Uptown Radio. Uptown provided a much more satisfying outlet for music and soon more and more time was being devoted to the FM station at the expense of Skyport.

Skyport ceased broadcasting around 1979/80

The Radio Eric archive holds the following recording(s) of this station:




Part 1 of 2 - Bob Earl with a special 2 hour programme before he temporarily left the station to go to college



Part 2 of 2 - conclusion of the programme above 



If you have any recordings or photographs of this station you can share please get in touch



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