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Radio Amy




Early in 1978 some of the team of North London Radio left to join forces with another group who wanted to start a community access radio station. A transmitter was provided by one of the team who had an interest in a girl called Amy - the station was thus named Radio AMY which (it was decided) stood for Alternative Media for You.

The station offered access to anyone or any group who had something interesting to say, providing they came from the London boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Harringay, Hackney or Islington.

Inevitably much of the output of AMY was very 'minority interest', but the station received a large amount of press coverage for its alternative broadcasts.

One of the key players in the station was Christopher England who was (and still is) not afraid to cause a stir by saying something controversial.

Perhaps the output of the station was not the most exciting radio, but it was an interesting experiment, and broadcasts continued on 217m each Sunday for well over a year. It took over 25 years before legal community radio stations were licenced in the UK.


If you were involved in this station and would like to give some more detailed information please contact us.


The Radio Eric archive holds the following recording(s) of this station:




Part of the Community Chest programme from May 1978 including a report on one of the farcical IBA 'open forums' which Capital Radio and LBC were required to hold in order to fulfill their licence agreement



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