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Radio Eric is no longer broadcasting a weekly programme. Instead we are now offering all our recordings as MP3 downloads from our ARCHIVE section.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our listeners for their support. Not only have hundreds of listeners selected Radio Eric as a preset on the Live365 player, but we are flattered by the number of people who have selected us as their favourite station out of the thousands available on Live365 - thank you.

Thanks must also be given to all those who have contributed material for the broadcasts. When we started we had enough recordings to sustain the station for around 3 months. The fact that we've lasted well into our second year indicates just how much material we've received.

We would like to continue to expand the archive, so please do search out that old box of tapes in the loft and send them to us.

Radio Eric is based on the idea of sharing. It all started when one of the Eric team was converting some old tapes onto CD. He wondered why he was bothering, and whether anyone would actually ever listen to them. Through Radio Eric these recordings have been enjoyed by hundreds of people all over the world. If you have similar recordings, they can be enjoyed too. Please share them.

To check out the latest news about Radio Eric visit the WHAT'S NEW page.

Please note all our recordings are encoded as MP3pro. If you cannot play a file please ensure you have the correct codec installed.


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