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City Sounds




Around June 1975 there was a massive split within Radio Kaleidoscope. The station's engineers left, and as a result the Big K failed to brodacast for several weeks. On June 15th, with Kaleidoscope off the air, their former engineers joined forces with several others and made a short broadcast under the name Kaleidoscope '75 on 266m with around 75w. This broadcast consisted of the radio news section of the weekly Music Week programme. Various other announcements were made, some of which were recorded on-site in Dave Peters' car using the Philips 3302 which was used for the transmission. This broadcast came from the much used Beddington Sewage Works.

Follwing this brief test, the team decided to commence regular broadcasts. It was previously stated that the name North Surrey Radio was used. It appears that this was incorrect, and the station was actually City Sounds.

The first transmission under this name was made on June 22nd on 240m/1259kHz, with the programmes recorded the previous day at Radio Invicta's studio in Mitcham. At 1445 a large Post Office and police raid took place and all the equipment was lost. Most of the site crew were caught, taken to Beddington police station and questioned. During the raid the 1259 Xtal was hidden in undergrowth by Tony Collis and recovered the following day.

A few more broadcasts did take place on medium wave and then a switch to FM was made using 96.3Mhz for regular programmes from 1900-2300 on a Sunday night.

Studios used were Richard Jackson's home in Leatherhead and Maggie Stevenson's professional studio in Hampstead.

On air staff included:
Abie Cohen
Andy Walker
Bob King
Dave Peters
Dave Sinclair
Ian Anderson
Keith Ross Jenson (aka Ed Foster)
Paul Davis
Richard Jackson

MW: Tony Collis
FM: Bob King

The station folded in early 1976.


The Radio Eric archive holds the following recording(s) of this station:




The first test broadcast under the name Kaleidoscope '75.  
6.1MB 13:21 a short clip with Abie Cohen and an interesting selection of music from November 9th 1975 



another recording of the above broadcast - the complete Abie Cohen programme. (Andy Walker Tech-Oppd the show).



If you have any recordings or photographs of this station you can share please get in touch


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